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Band Name: Bim Skala Bim

Music Album: How's It Goin'?

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Reggae Calypso Ska

Record Label: Unsigned Records (2)

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 16 Tracks CD Album

Ska band formed in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Start in 1983.
Dan Vitale (vocals)
Mark Ferranti (bass)
John Ferry (trombone, vocals, 1983-86, 1998-99)
Chris Kramtch (drums, 1983)
Ephraim LaSalle (guitar, 1983)
Robin Ducot (keyboards, 1983-84)
John Sullivan (drums, 1983-84)
Will Cluster (guitar, 1983-84)
Jim Arhelger (drums, 1985-present)
Lauren Flesher (vocals, 1985)
John Cameron (keyboard, saxophone, 1985-99)
Jim Jones (guitar, vocals, 1985-2002)
Jackie Starr (vocals, keyboards, 1985-89)
Rick Barry (percussion, 1986-96)
Vince Nobile (trombone, keyboards, 1986-96, 2000-present)
Mark Paquin (trombone, 1996-98)
Dave Butts (keyboards, saxophone, 2000-present)

16 Tracks
1 Wise Up2:37
2 Not In Anger2:41
3 Hypocrite3:13
4 Good Dog Ska2:28
5 For The Turnstiles4:15
6 I Took A Fall3:35
7 In The Mail4:38
8 Wise Up (Version)4:41
9 Blue4:01
10 Diggin' A Hole3:54
11 Tell Me Tami2:51
12 Start Again3:40
13 Paraguayan Sun3:00
14 Stand Up4:19
15 Apocalypso4:37
16 Fifty2:54

Recorded at Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA summer 1990

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