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Blowhard – Five Minute Ride Through Hell (2022) CD

Band: Blowhard

Album: Five Minute Ride Through Hell

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Ska

Label: Turkeyneck Records

Release Country: Australia

Record Type: 34 Tracks CD

Australian ska/punk band, including members Rollo from Bad Ronald (3) and Fred previously a member of Public Execution (2) and other bands.

34 Tracks
1 Big One
2 Tilly and Ren
3 Shutterdown
4 Bullshit
5 Herbal Boy
6 Poo
7 Ben's One
8 I'll Polka Your Eyes Out
9 Shitload
10 I'm Btoke (live)
11 Hey Taxi (live)
12 V8 Rock 'n' Roll (live)
13 Sexual Dv8 (live)
14 Teenage Girlfriend (live)
15 Five Minute Ride (live)
16 Lovegrind (live)
17 Toxic Waste Bop (live)
18 Vampire Love
19 Tweedle Dee
20 Whole Worlds Stuffed
21 My Truck Wont Start
22 V8 Rock 'n' Roll
23 Cry of the Yob
24 Home Made Hell
25 Come on in the Beers Fine
26 Fat Juicy Cop
27 Stuck In My Dreams
28 Fuck the Dance Clubs
29 Makin' Bacon Blow
30 You're Too Cool
31 Blow
32 Tonight
33 Friday Night Public Bar
34 Ska Blow

Cover sticker note:- Brisbane's Blowhard formed in a practice room in July 1989, from the ashes of Bad Roland and New Improved Testament. Blowhard shift from their early rawkus punkrocknroll to skapunk to jazzy hardcore in the late 90's to early 00's. All laden with antipodean humour and whit.

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