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Broilers – Santa Muerte (2011) Box Set CD Album DVD

Band: Broilers

Album: Santa Muerte

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Ska Oi

Label: People Like You Records

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 19 Tracks Box Set CD Album DVD

In 1992 Sammy Amara and Andi Brügge founded a Punkrock band in Düsseldorf, Germany. Two years later this band turned into the Oi! band Broilers. This name was chosen because it contains the letters "oi" (Oi!). Choosing a name containing "oi" was very popular back then. The Broilers were known as Germany's youngest Oi! band and their lyrics mostly dealt with the Skinhead scene and related stuff. When saying Skinhead they always referred to the traditional, non-racist Skinhead scene.

At the latest since the publication of the album "Vanitas" in 2007 they don't call themselves an Oi! / Punkrock band anymore Today they use different musical influences like Rockabilly, Soul and Ska elements and mix them with Punkrock. Lately their level of popularity has increased tremendously.

19 Tracks
CD-1 Preludio: Santa Muerte
CD-2 Harter Weg (Go!)
CD-3 In Ein Paar Jahren...
CD-4 Tanzt Du Noch Einmal Mit Mir?
CD-5 Schwarz, Grau, Weiss
CD-6 Verdammte Stille
CD-7 Gemeinsam
CD-8 33 Rpm
CD-9 Vom Scheitern (The World Is Yours, Nicht!)
CD-10 Alles Geht Weiter
CD-11 Weckt Die Toten
CD-12 Wie Weit Wir Gehen
CD-13 Stossen Wir An
CD-14 Singe, Seufze & Saufe
DVD-1 Gemeinsam
DVD-2 Wie Weit Wir Gehen
DVD-3 Tanzt Du Noch Einmal Mit Mir?
DVD-4 Singe, Seufze & Saufe
DVD-5 Verdammte Stille

Limited Deluxe Box Set:
* CD/DVD in digipak with 24-page-booklet
* hand-signed autograph
* Lighter
* Patches
* 8-page Broilers Gazette
* two weather-proof sticker
* 3-button-set
* Poster Flag (65cm x 95cm)

Some copies are exclusive signed by the band (only sold on the band website)

Rated 4.5/5 based on 144 customer reviews

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