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Download Discípulos De Otilia – Wateke! (2020) CD Album Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Discípulos De Otilia

Music Album: Wateke!

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Reggae Ska

Record Label: Ventilador Music

Album Release Country: Spain

Music Record Type: 16 Tracks CD Album

Ska/funk/punk/rock group from Barcelona, Spain, created in 1992.
Foxy J - Singer
Cilinder Man - Singer Morning
Marco Sifredi - Guitarist & Band Lider
Benni Luzer - Drums
Miki Santamaria - Bass & Fallutos
Ruben Bes - Keyboards & jokes
Puakenstein - Tenor Sax & horns arranger
Pep Arimont- Trumpet & Entertainer

Not to be confused with Los De Otilia, also a ska rock group form Barcelona.

16 Tracks
1 Tormantos Ska
2 Jackpot
3 Sin Dinero No Hay Amigos
4 H.I.G.
5 Cilinder Man
6 Frutos Prohibidos
7 Losing Papers
8 Sex Online
9 Nueve
10 Pantone 428. Gris Cornellà
11 Everybody's Rolling Down To The Street
12 All Over The World
13 El Guateque
14 Viento De Libertad
15 The Punky's Flight
16 The Satelites

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