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Doe Maar – Sinds 1 Dag Of 2 (32 Jaar) En Andere Grote Hits (2020) CD Box Set

Band: Doe Maar

Album: Sinds 1 Dag Of 2 (32 Jaar) En Andere Grote Hits

Release Date:

Music Genre: Electronic Rock Pop Folk Rock Ska Pop Rock Synth-pop

Label: Sky

Release Country: Netherlands

Record Type: 22 Tracks CD Box Set

Dutch pop/ska/reggae band.

Doe Maar formed in 1978 by Ernst Jansz and Piet Dekker. The band was active till April 1984.
It had short reunions in 1999-2000 (incl. a new album and 16 sold-out shows at the Ahoy' Rotterdam), 2008, and from 2011 on (incl. album).

In the first half of the eighties up to the disbanding in 1984, Doe Maar's music and the looks of especially Vrienten and Jansz caused a popularity among young girls in particular, that could only be described as Beatlesque. The disruption this caused to the private lives of the band members was the primary reason to split up in 1984.

Ernst Jansz: keyboards, vocals ['78-'84, '99-2000, 2008, 2011-now]
Jan Hendriks: guitar, vocals ['78-'84, '99-2000, 2008, 2011-now]
Piet Dekker: bass, vocals ['78-'80]
Carel Copier: drums, vocals ['78-'81]
Joost Belinfante: bass, vocals ['80]
Henny Vrienten: bass, vocals ['80-'84, '99-2000, 2008, 2011-now]
René van Collem: drums ['81-'82, 2011-now]
Jan Pijnenburg: drums ['82-'84, '99-2000, 2008]

22 Tracks
Doris Day En Andere Stukken
1-1 Is Dit Alles5:21
1-2 Belle Hélène2:47
1-3 Vergeet Me2:49
1-4 Situatie4:22
1-5 Okee3:03
1-6 Winnetoe3:16
1-7 Doris Day3:48
1-8 Radeloos4:04
1-9 De Eerste X2:26
1-10 Tijd Genoeg4:05
1-11 Liever Dan Lief3:13
1-12 Nachtmerrie (Op Hol)3:57
2-1 Sinds 1 Dag Of 2 (32 Jaar)3:18
2-2 Te Laat2:01
2-3 Bella Donna3:13
2-4 Smoorverliefd3:15
2-5 Nederwiet6:52
2-6 Nix Voor Jou4:06
2-7 Mis2:52
2-8 Ruma Saja4:04
2-9 De Laatste X4:53
2-10 Dansen Met Alice2:02

2 CD box containing the albums 'Doris Day en andere Stukken' and 'Skunk'.
Albums are not boxed chronological.

CD 1 = Doe Maar - Doris Day En Andere Stukken
CD 2 = Doe Maar - Skunk

Track 2-6 is called 'Niks Voor Jou' on the boxsleeve

Track length track 2-10 is incorrectly listed as 2:45, because it's the 2:02 version without the outro from the LP version. On the CD the track is called 'Dansen met Alice' on the backinlay and label. On the back of the LP sleeve this track was called 'Alice' and on the LP labels 'Dansen met Alice'.

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