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G.O.E – Los 7 Añitos (2005) CDr Album

Band: G.O.E

Album: Los 7 Añitos

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Ska

Label: Union Punk

Release Country: Ecuador

Record Type: 18 Tracks CDr Album

They started in 1998 playing covers. Fifteen years later, these are the results: they have played at important festivals such as Quitofest, founded the Punk Union of Guayaquil and are going for their fifth album.

The responsible? G.O.E. The punk in the city had its boom in the 2006, but for that date the band from Guayaquil had already 8 years of trajectory in which its members went from being "unwanted" artists to promoters of the punk culture. An example: they managed to bring groups like Misfits and NOFX.

The group had its genesis in 1998, when youth rebellion and passion for this genre motivated a group of schoolmates Javier to form their own band. Surge G.O.E. "In the beginning we were very bad and they did not invite us to any of the festivals that were held at school," says Ramón Moncho Villacreses, bassist.

Union Punk was born along with G.O.E and with it concerts were organized with the, at that time, few bands of this genre that existed in the city. It was a time when names like Agent 86 and 69 Seconds were heard for the first time on the scene.

His presentations, which had backyards as scenarios, gave way to the genre having its apogee in 2006, when in Guayaquil there were about thirty punk bands.

"But nowadays we only have ourselves and a few more girls who do punk," says Ramón, who for four years has compiled videos and photos of that transition, which will be shown in a documentary he i (...)


18 Tracks
1 Lo Que Antes Fui 4:56
2 Unión 4:45
3 Aire 3:45
4 Afloja El Rosquete 2:01
5 No Puedes Gritar 3:45
6 Cambiar 3:36
7 No Hay Final 5:40
8 Consejo 1:52
9 Astuto Idiotizado Por El Abismo 2:31
10 Hipócrita 1:29
11 Barras Y Estrellas 2:53
12 Eustaquio 2:35
13 Días Difíciles 4:38
14 Yo No Creo 2:12
15 G.O.E 1:28
16 Hoy 3:39
17 Neo Hippie 4:26
18 Mono 3:07

the photos are of a cd-r made by the band which is a cardboard envelope

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