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Madness – A Guided Tour Of Madness (2020) Box Set CD Remastered DVD Reissue

Band: Madness

Album: A Guided Tour Of Madness

Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Ska Pop Rock

Label: Salvo

Release Country: UK & Europe

Record Type: 96 Tracks Box Set CD Remastered DVD Reissue

Madness are an English ska band from Camden Town, London, that formed in 1976. One of the most prominent bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s 2 Tone ska revival, they continue to perform with their most recognised line-up of seven members.
Madness achieved most of their success in the early to mid 1980s. Both Madness and UB40 spent 214 weeks on the UK singles charts over the course of the decade, holding the record for most weeks spent by a group in the 1980s UK singles charts. However, Madness achieved this in a shorter time period (1980–1986).


96 Tracks
CD1-1 The Prince2:32
CD1-2 Madness2:25
CD1-3 Mistakes2:40
CD1-4 Bed And Breakfast Man2:33
CD1-5 One Step Beyond2:19
CD1-6 The Young And The Old2:06
CD1-7 Deceives The Eye2:01
CD1-8 My Girl2:45
CD1-9 Believe Me2:29
CD1-10 In The Middle Of The Night3:02
CD1-11 Night Boat To Cairo3:32
CD1-12 On The Beat Pete3:05
CD1-13 Not Home Today2:44
CD1-14 Baggy Trousers2:46
CD1-15 Disappear2:59
CD1-16 You Said2:35
CD1-17 Embarrassment3:11
CD1-18 Take It Or Leave It3:28
CD1-19 The Return Of Los Palmas 72:05
CD1-20 Grey Day3:40
CD1-21 Tomorrow's Dream3:56
CD1-22 Mrs. Hutchinson2:17
CD1-23 Shut Up2:51
CD1-24 Sign Of The Times2:44
CD1-25 It Must Be Love3:18
CD1-26 In The City3:26
CD1-27 Cardiac Arrest2:51
CD2-1 House Of Fun2:49
CD2-2 Don't Look Back4:52
CD2-3 Primrose Hill3:23
CD2-4 Driving In My Car3:17
CD2-5 Calling Cards2:20
CD2-6 Blue Skinned Beast3:23
CD2-7 Our House3:23
CD2-8 Madness (Is All In The Mind)2:53
CD2-9 Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)3:11
CD2-10 Wings Of A Dove3:01
CD2-11 March Of The Gherkins3:30
CD2-12 Keep Moving3:32
CD2-13 The Sun And The Rain3:30
CD2-14 Samantha3:14
CD2-15 Prospects4:14
CD2-16 One Better Day4:06
CD2-17 Michael Caine3:30
CD2-18 Victoria Gardens4:32
CD2-19 Yesterday's Men4:09
CD2-20 All I Knew3:08
CD2-21 I'll Compete3:21
CD2-22 Uncle Sam4:16
CD3-1 Waiting For The Ghost Train3:46
CD3-2 The Wizard3:28
CD3-3 The Communicator3:20
CD3-4 Lovestruck3:50
CD3-5 Elysium3:53
CD3-6 Drip Fed Fred4:31
CD3-7 Saturday Night, Sunday Morning4:15
CD3-8 Johnny The Horse3:20
CD3-9 Sarah's Song3:47
CD3-10 Girl Why Don't You?3:05
CD3-11 Lola3:22
CD3-12 I Chase The Devil aka Ironshirt3:21
CD3-13 Shame And Scandal2:53
CD3-14 You Keep Me Hanging On3:10
CD3-15 NW54:15
CD3-16 Forever Young4:36
CD3-17 That Close4:10
CD3-18 Dust Devil3:45
CD3-19 On The Town4:33
CD3-20 Sugar And Spice2:52
CD3-21 Le Grand Pantalon (Baggy Trousers)4:33
Disc 4 - Madstock 1992 DVD100:00
DVD-1 Pre-Show Madness
DVD-2 One Step Beyond...
DVD-3 The Prince
DVD-4 Embarrassment
DVD-5 My Girl
DVD-6 The Sun And The Rain
DVD-7 Land Of Hope & Glory
DVD-8 Grey Day
DVD-9 Razor Blade Alley
DVD-10 It Must Be Love
DVD-11 Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)
DVD-12 Take It Or Leave It
DVD-13 Shut Up
DVD-14 Driving In My Car
DVD-15 Bed And Breakfast Man
DVD-16 Close Escape
DVD-17 Wings Of A Dove
DVD-18 Our House
DVD-19 Night Boat To Cairo
DVD-20 Madness
DVD-21 Swan Lake
DVD-22 House Of Fun
DVD-23 Rockin' In Ab
DVD-24 Baggy Trousers
DVD-25 The Harder They Come

This compilation comes with:
- 70 audio tracks spread onto three CDs,
- the 24-track video concert "Madstock 1992" on DVD,
- a three-panel digibox,
- a 72-page book including liner notes, band members' interviews, photographs, a writing credit list, a discography and a fold out map.

Initial copies come with an individually numbered card with a web link to exclusive content.

Track CD3-21 is marked as "Bonus track, previously unreleased on CD".

DVD track listing: as given on the DVD menu. (DVD-1 is not listed in the booklet)

This compilation (P)&(C)2011 Union Square Music Ltd.

Manufactured in the EU.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 217 customer reviews

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