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Madness – The Liberty Of Norton Folgate Special Edition Box Set (2020) Vinyl Album LP CD Album CD Box Set

Band: Madness

Album: The Liberty Of Norton Folgate Special Edition Box Set

Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Reggae Pop Pop Rock Ska

Label: Lucky Seven

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 54 Tracks Vinyl Album LP CD Album CD Box Set

Madness are an English ska band from Camden Town, London, that formed in 1976. One of the most prominent bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s 2 Tone ska revival, they continue to perform with their most recognised line-up of seven members.
Madness achieved most of their success in the early to mid 1980s. Both Madness and UB40 spent 214 weeks on the UK singles charts over the course of the decade, holding the record for most weeks spent by a group in the 1980s UK singles charts. However, Madness achieved this in a shorter time period (1980–1986).

54 Tracks
The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
A1 We Are London
A2 Forever Young
A3 Dust Devil
A4 Sugar And Spice
A5 Norton Folgate
B1 Clerkenwell Polka
B2 Bingo
B3 Rainbows
B4 That Close
B5 MK2
B6 Idiot Child
B7 On The Town
The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
CD1-1 Overture
CD1-2 We Are London
CD1-3 Sugar And Spice
CD1-4 Forever Young
CD1-5 Dust Devil
CD1-6 Rainbows
CD1-7 That Close
CD1-9 On The Town
CD1-10 Clerkenwell Polka
CD1-11 The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
CD2-1 Let's Go
CD2-2 Idiot Child
CD2-3 Mission From Hell
CD2-4 Seven Dials
CD2-5 Hunchback Of Torriano
CD2-6 Fish & Chips
CD2-7 Bingo
CD2-8 NW5
CD2-9 One Fine Day
CD2-10 The Kiss
CD2-11 Africa
"Practice Makes Perfect"
CD3-1 Dust Devil I
CD3-2 Let's Go
CD3-3 Clerkenwell Polka
CD3-4 Forever Young
CD3-5 7 Dials
CD3-6 On The Town
CD3-7 Fish & Chips Parade
CD3-8 Idiot Child
CD3-9 We Are London - Chas Demo
"Hackney Live & Correct"
CD3-10 We Are London
CD3-11 Idiot Child
CD3-12 Bingo
CD3-13 NW5
CD3-14 On The Town
CD3-15 MK II
CD3-16 Sugar & Spice
CD3-17 Dust Devil
CD3-18 Clerkenwell Polka
CD3-19 Forever Young
CD3-20 The Liberty Of Norton Folgate

Deluxe limited box set. Recorded at The Yard, Miloco, and Toerag studios. Mastered at Metropolis. Includes poster, pin badge, society of "M" membership card, and various printed booklets and inserts.

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