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Download Mano Negra – Patchanka / Puta’s Fever / King Of Bongo (1995) CD Album Reissue CD Album Reissue CD Album Reissue Box Set Reissue Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Mano Negra

Music Album: Patchanka / Puta's Fever / King Of Bongo

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock Ska

Record Label: Virgin

Album Release Country: France

Music Record Type: 46 Tracks CD Album Reissue CD Album Reissue CD Album Reissue Box Set Reissue

French band formed in 1986 in Paris and disbanded in 1995. Their music is a mix of punk rock, flamenco, ska, raï, salsa, reggae and African rhythms.

46 Tracks
1-1 Mano Negra
1-2 Ronde De Nuit
1-3 Baby You're Mine
1-4 Indios De Barcelona
1-5 Rock Island Line
1-6 Noche De Accion
1-7 Darling Darling
1-8 Killin'rats
1-9 Mala Vida
1-10 Tackin'it Up
1-11 Lonesome Bop
1-12 La Ventura
1-13 Bragg Jack
1-14 Salga La Luna
Puta's Fever
2-1 Mano Negra
2-2 Rock'N'Roll Band
2-3 King Kong Five
2-4 Soledad
2-5 Sidi H' Bibi
2-6 The Rebel Spell
2-7 Peligro
2-8 Pas Assez De Toi
2-9 Magic Dice
2-10 Mad House
2-11 Guayaquil City
2-12 Voodoo
2-13 Patchanka
2-14 La Rançon Du Succès
2-15 The Devil's Call
2-16 Roger Cageot
2-17 El Sur
2-18 Patchuko Hop
King Of Bongo
3-1 Bring The Fire
3-2 King Of Bongo
3-3 Don't Want You No More
3-4 Le Bruit Du Frigo
3-5 Letter To The Censors
3-6 El Jako
3-7 It's My Heart
3-8 Mad Man's Dead
3-9 Out Of Time Man
3-10 Madame Oscar
3-11 Welcome In Occident
3-12 Furious Fiesta
3-13 The Fool
3-14 Paris La Nuit

(P)&(C) 1997 Virgin France S.A.

Contains the following albums separately released under these references:


Puta's Fever

King Of Bongo

All three CDs come in a classical jewel box, with original covers and booklets.

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