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Download Markscheider Kunst – St. Petersburg – Kinshasa Transit (1998) CD Album Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Markscheider Kunst

Music Album: St. Petersburg - Kinshasa Transit

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Reggae Folk, World, & Country Afro-Cuban Ska

Record Label: Not On Label (Markscheider Kunst Self-Released)

Album Release Country: Russia

Music Record Type: 9 Tracks CD Album

The band, named after a German phrase literally translated as "the art of discerning frontiers", was formed by St.Petersburg geology students in October, 1992. Their music traces its roots among ska, reggae, funk, jazz and Latin rock flavoured with African influences and sprinkled with Russian folklore.
Сергей Ефременко (ЕFR) - (guitar) (from 1992)
Кирилл Оськин - (bass) (from 1992)
Сергей Егоров (Snegoriy) - (drums, vocals) (from 1992)
Владимир Матушкин (Nguba) - (guitar) (from 1995)
Кирилл Ипатов - (timbales, congas, percussion) (from 1995)
Митя Храмцов - (harmonica) (1996-1998)
Селенге Макангила (Seraphim) - (vocals, dance) (1996-2003)
Рамиль Шамсутдинов - (trombone) (1999-2004)
Вадим Ягман - (trumpet) (1999-2002)
Алексей Канев - (sax) (1999-2002)
Денис Анатольевич - (guitar) (from 2000)
Михаил Николаев - (timbales, congas) (2001-2005)
Александр Плюснин - (trumpet) (from 2003)
Иван Неклюдов - (sax) (from 2004)
Антон Вишняков - (trombone) (from 2005)

9 Tracks
1 CD-ROM Multimedia Track
2 Aifa5:26
3 Ska5:10
4 Zes3:29
5 Nirvana4:00
6 No4:14
7 Amie4:07
8 Dream2:41
9 Bullet3:00

Track 1 is a multimedia track that contains two videos (AVI format) and photogallery. Not for audio playback.

Music program starts from second track.

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