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Band Name: Operation Ivy

Music Album: There's A Place

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Ska

Record Label: Baltan-69

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 61 Tracks CDr

Defunct ska-punk band from Berkeley, California. Formed in May 1987, the band was only together for two years, breaking up in 1989 after being offered a major label deal by EMI. Members Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman (2) went on to form Downfall (6), and later Rancid. Singer Jesse Michaels went on to Big Rig, Common Rider, and Classics Of Love. Original Lineup: Jesse Michaels - Vocals, Lint (Tim Armstrong) - Guitar, Matt McCall (Matt Freeman) - Bass, Dave Mello - Drums, Paul Bae - Saxophone (on selected recordings).

61 Tracks
1-1 Spike Intro (Gilman 5-6-88)
1-2 Intro-Sleep Long (Cotati Cabaret 8-30-88)
1-3 More Than Our Share (Gilman 8-11-87)
1-4 Jaded (Energy Outtake 1988)
1-5 Officer (Gilman 12-31-87)
1-6 Cretin Hop (Gilman 5-6-88)
1-7 There's A Place (Gilman 7-4-87 - Basic Radio Cover)
1-8 6-10 (Energy Outtake 1988 #2)
1-9 Room Without A Window (Energy Outtake 1988-Backing Tracks Only)
1-10 Usual Place (Gilman 2-21-88)
1-11 Plea For Peace (Energy Outake 1988 #2)
1-12 One Of These Days (Cotati Cabaret 8-30-88)
1-13 Unity (Energy Outtake 1988 - Sax Version)
1-14 Hedgecore: The Rock Opera (Gilman 5-6-88)
1-15 We Gotta Know (Cotati Cabaret 8-30-88)
1-16 The Crowd #1 (Energy Outtake 1988)
1-17 Unity (Gilman 5-6-88)
1-18 Take Warning (Energy Outtake 1988)
1-19 Here We Go Again (Cotati Cabaret 8-30-88)
1-20 Wild Thing (Gilman 12-31-87)
1-21 Hangin' Out (Energy Outtake 1988)
1-22 Hoboken (Gilman 5-6-88)
1-23 Disco Duck (Cotati Caberet 11-9-88)
1-24 Take Warning (Cotati Cabaret 11-9-88)
1-25 Plea For Peace (The Place 1-8-88)
1-26 Cretin Hop/Go Mental/I Wanna Be Sedated/I Don't Care/Chasing The Night (Gilman 10-25-87)
1-27 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Gilman 10-25-87)
1-28 End Soundbite
2-1 Troublebound (Gilman 10-25-87)
2-2 The Crowd #2 (Energy Outtake 1988)
2-3 More Than Our Share (Gilman 7-4-88)
2-4 Ignite (Energy Outtake 1988)
2-5 Rodeo (Gilman 5-6-88 - Isocracy Cover)
2-6 Uncertain (Gilman 6-14-87)
2-7 Desperado (Gilman 5-6-88)
2-8 Plea For Peace (Energy Outtake 1988)
2-9 Gonna Find You (Cotati Cabaret 11-9-88)
2-10 Unreleased Jam (Gilman 5-6-88)
2-11 Old Friendships (KSPC Radio 3-17-88)
2-12 Bombshell (Gilman 6-14-87)
2-13 Missionary (Energy Outtake 1988 #2)
2-14 Big City (Gilman 5-28-89 - Speech Only)
2-15 Big City (Gilman 5-28-89)
2-16 Sound System (Energy Outtake 1988)
2-17 Someday (Gilman 8-11-87)
2-18 Junkie's Running Dry (Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA 4/22/88)
2-19 I'm In The Mood For Love (Gilman 10-25-87)
2-20 The Face That Screams (Energy Outtake 1988)
2-21 Yellin' In My Ear (Gilman 6-4-87)
2-22 Rock 'N Me (Gilman 5-28-89)
2-23 I Got No (Gilman 5-6-88)
2-24 Left Behind (KSPC Fm 3/17/88)
2-25 Wild Thing-Start Me Up (Gilman 12-31-87)
2-26 Hangin' Out (Rough Mix For Floyd Comp.)
2-27 Freeze Up (Gilman 5-28-89; With Ben Sizemore From Econochrist Singing)
2-28 Big City (Energy Outtake #2 & #3)
2-29 Disco Inferno (Cotati Cabaret 11-9-88)
2-30 Soundbite
2-31 Maximum Rock & Roll Radio Show Interview (KPFA Radio 11-19-87) -Includes rough mix of "Here We Go Again".
2-32 Here We Go Again (The Place 1-8-88)
2-33 End Soundbite

This is a CD-R only release.

The bootleg was released by a friend of the band from tapes that were 1 or 2 generations from the masters. They were never sold, but were offered through the old forums for free and given to the creator's friends. One copy was given to Dave Mello, who commented "on all the mistakes he made".

The bootleg's creator "probably made a total of 100 copies of There's A Place with a total of 3 different covers. All 3 versions featured a Jesse Michaels drawing that was taken from a cover of Absolutely Zippo. The 1st + 2nd versions have a live photo of OPIV on the back. All 3 versions had red covers so they couldn't be photocopied (hehe)[sic]. The 1st cover was the size of a seven-inch sleeve and included a[sic] insert (tracklistings/insert). The 2nd cover were[sic] cd sized and included a smaller insert. It also said something like "B+P Special Edition" on the back cover (B+P stands for "blanks and postage"). The 3rd was cd sized, housed in a plastic cd sleeve and the tracklisting on the back cover".

"Baltan" refers to the name of a monster from a 1960s Japanese TV show, known as Ultraman.

From the insert: "Disclaimer : All tracks were taken directly from low-generation analog source tapes or masters. No mixing, noise reduction or equalization were done to the tapes. No tracks were taken from mp3's or other boot".

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