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Download Operation Ivy – We’re Called Operation Ivy. This Is Our First Show… Ever (2020) DVDr Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Operation Ivy

Music Album: We’re Called Operation Ivy. This Is Our First Show… Ever

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Ska

Record Label: Not On Label (Operation Ivy)

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 16 Tracks DVDr

Defunct ska-punk band from Berkeley, California. Formed in May 1987, the band was only together for two years, breaking up in 1989 after being offered a major label deal by EMI. Members Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman (2) went on to form Downfall (6), and later Rancid. Singer Jesse Michaels went on to Big Rig, Common Rider, and Classics Of Love. Original Lineup: Jesse Michaels - Vocals, Lint (Tim Armstrong) - Guitar, Matt McCall (Matt Freeman) - Bass, Dave Mello - Drums, Paul Bae - Saxophone (on selected recordings).

16 Tracks
"We're Called Operation Ivy. This Is Our First Show Ever"
1 Sleep Long
2 Trouble Bound
3 Left Behind
4 My Life's A Dream
5 Hedgecore
6 Hangin' Out
7 Hoboken
8 Sarcastic
9 Yellin' In My Ear
"Turn It Around Concert"
1 Bombshell
2 Hoboken
3 Sleep Long
4 Uncertain
5 Trouble Bound
6 Yellin' In My Ear
Basic Radio
1 I Got Nothin'

back cover:

Released for the 1st Time in 17 Years. Restored from the master archival footage comes the first public performance of Op Ivy. Digitally Restored for DVD and remastered in Dolby Digital for optimal sound quality. Also included on this disc is the rest of the Turn it Around Concert (I got No and Hedgecore are available on the Turn it Around Compilation DVD OPR1001). We've also included the rarest of Bonus Features for this release: One song from BASIC RADIO in their last show ever with Lint and Matt.

Program Content: "We're called Operation Ivy. This is our First Show… Ever" (c) 1987, 2004 Hedgerat Productions; "Turn it Around Sessions" (c) 1987, 2004 Operation Rat Productions; Basic Radio (c) 1987, 2004 Garage Rat Productions.

All Songs Written by Michaels/Armstrong/Freeman/Mello (c) 1988

Cover and Disc Manufactured and Assembled in Canada.
disc art:

(C)1987,2004 Operation Rat Productions
information from playing the actual DVD:

•This is our first show… ever (24:21)
HedgeRat Productions

•the turn it around sessions (14:40 + 5:01)
BATTLE OF THE BANDS "Turn It Around Concert"
Maximum Rock 'N Roll & Gilman Street Projects
(c) Operation Rat Productions 1987, 2004

•basic radio (1:48)
dave's garage 2.7.1987
garbage rat productions

(c) 1987,2004 - Operation Rat Productions, Hedge Rat Productions, and Garbage Rat Productions
The sixth track for the "We're Called Operation Ivy. This Is Our First Show Ever" concert is listed as “My Song” on the back cover art and DVD menu. However, this is incorrect and the song is actually “Hangin' Out”. The title of the track on this page has been corrected to reflect this.

The sixth track (“Yellin' In My Ear”) for the "Turn It Around Concert" is not selectable from the DVD menu, but can be accessed by letting the track before it finish.

File download is hosted on Megaupload

Rated 4.5/5 based on 223 customer reviews

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