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Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Ska Cubano

Music Album: Mambo Ska

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Reggae Latin Cubano Ska

Record Label: Casino Sounds

Album Release Country: Cuba

Music Record Type: 15 Tracks CD Album

London-based group which combines ska and Cuban music such as son and mambo, with elements of other genres including cumbia and calypso.

15 Tracks
1 Lupita3:08
2 La Trova3:50
3 Cumbia Del Monte4:20
4 Mambo Ska3:41
5 Pachito E Che3:22
6 Alto Songo3:41
7 Hit The Track3:46
8 Piel Canela2:51
9 Hold Tight Jamaica3:49
10 Tequila3:36
11 La Gaita Sabrosa4:14
12 Ska Che3:18
13 Identity3:30
14 Megumi's Amor3:31
15 Pepe3:22

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