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Music Album: Spitfire & St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Jazz Rock Reggae Dub Ska Indie Rock

Record Label: АиБ Records

Album Release Country: Russia

Music Record Type: 74 Tracks CD

In 2001, the famous Russian ska-punk band Spitfire started a spin-off project called St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review in collaboration with members of the St. Petersburg-based, afro-Caribbean band Markscheider Kunst. The initial idea was to create a program comprised mostly of jazz standards such as Sidewinder, Corcovado, Four and original ska tunes (St. Thomas, Man in the Street) to perform at the Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival (SKIF) in April '01. .. The line-up of this band included the baritone-sax and percussion players of Markscheider Kunst as well as all members of Spitfire. The show attracted great interest and the band continued to play live gigs on the Russian club scene. SPb Ska-Jazz Review’s debut album was recorded in March '02 at Dobrolet studio in St. Petersburg and was released in Russia in the spring of 2002 on the small independent label Zvezda Records. .. Soon after the release of the first album, American vocalist Jennifer Davis joined the line-up, and the band went to work on its second album, Too Good To Be True, recorded in April 2004. This album features mostly original material and was released in Russia on the Shnur’OK label and in Europe and the United States on Megalith Records. The first SPb Ska-Jazz Review album was re-released on the well-known German ska label, Grover Records, in January 2005 and was supported by an extensive German and Swiss tour. The band also recorded a live concert CD/DVD entitled “Live at Red Club” in Decemb (...)

74 Tracks
1. Spitfire – The Coast Is Clear
1 Foozball Junkie3:13
2 Night Flying3:17
3 Пидоры4:29
4 W.A.R.3:27
5 Life Comes Running3:22
6 Ballsy Bunny2:16
7 Factory Of Happiness And Joy2:52
8 TV Star1:34
9 Parting3:41
10 Auto3:25
11 Антогонизм3:00
12 Running Down2:29
13 Мечта3:12
14 Fast Food Freak4:47
2. Spitfire – Night Hunting
15 Intro1:01
16 Simply Can't Get Up4:48
17 Night Hunting4:04
18 Unlucky Men3:25
19 Arose From Sleep3:03
20 American Psycho3:57
21 Ever-Leaving Train3:27
22 Rio-Rita2:01
23 One Night Stand4:03
24 In Bloom2:37
25 Swamp Lake6:21
26 Conscience Pain4:09
27 Freakin' Business Men4:22
28 I Wanna See You3:03
29 Буратино1:47
3. Spitfire – Thrills And Kills
30 Freak2:49
31 Corny Jokes2:09
32 Tanzen3:20
33 Struck3:22
34 The Game3:37
35 Sunday Afternoon3:46
36 Обыватель2:34
37 Suffering3:16
38 Что Такое?2:49
39 Bell3:03
40 Продажная Любовь3:40
41 Break The Silence3:55
42 I'm Allright4:27
43 Three Chords6:30
4. St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review - St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review
44 Trip Back To Childhood3:08
45 Four3:05
46 Night On The Bus3:49
47 St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review3:14
48 John Johnes3:51
49 Pollution2:51
50 King Solomon4:03
51 Anarchy In The UK2:58
52 Dr. Ring Ding3:51
53 Corcovado4:16
54 Sidewinder5:32
55 More2:31
5. St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review - Too Good Too Be True
56 Skatana3:12
57 Mr. Big Stuff2:33
58 Skokiaan3:17
59 Too Good Too Be True3:20
60 Last Warning3:34
61 Under The Big Top2:23
62 Old Devil Moon3:12
63 Baby I'm Glad You're Mine3:50
64 My LIttle Cloud4:01
65 4,702:50
66 Only Today3:20
67 Wounded Lion5:12
68 Juzzt Waltz2:45
6. St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review - St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review EP
69 Night On The Bus3:51
70 St. Thomas3:19
71 Monkey Do2:41
72 Gotta Go Home2:36
73 Night On The Bus (Dub Mix)4:00
Video 1 Too Good Too Be True3:57

© 2006 Spitfire. © St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review.

℗ 2006 РМГ Рекордз. ℗ ООО" А и Б Техник".

320 kBit/sec - 44,1 kHz, Stereo.

Packaged in a Jewel case + 4-page booklet.

Durations taken from PC. Total time: 4:10:13

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