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Download The Beat – The Complete Beat (2012) CD Album Remastered CD Remastered CD DVD Box Set Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: The Beat (2)

Music Album: The Complete Beat

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Reggae Pop New Wave Ska Pop Rock Dub

Record Label: Shout! Factory

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 122 Tracks CD Album Remastered CD Remastered CD DVD Box Set

2 Tone Ska revival group formed in 1978 in Birmingham, England by guitarist/vocalist Dave Wakeling with David Steele (bass) and Andy Cox (guitar) along with rapper/toaster Ranking Roger (Roger Charlery), drummer Everett Morton and veteran Jamaican saxophonist Saxa (Lionel Martin). As there was an eponymous US group emerging at the time they were forced to use the names The English Beat on their American releases and The British Beat briefly in Australia.

The band enjoyed immediate chart success and established their own record label Go-Feet Records. After the split in 1983, Steele and Cox went on to form Fine Young Cannibals and later


122 Tracks
Just Can't Stop It
CD1-1 Mirror In The Bathroom3:08
CD1-2 Hands Off.. She's Mine2:59
CD1-3 Two Swords2:18
CD1-4 Twist & Crawl2:34
CD1-5 Tears Of A Clown2:39
CD1-6 Rough Rider4:52
CD1-7 Click Click1:27
CD1-8 Ranking Full Stop2:47
CD1-9 Big Shot2:32
CD1-10 Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret3:46
CD1-11 Noise In This World2:16
CD1-12 Can't Get Used To Losing You3:05
CD1-13 Best Friend3:03
CD1-14 Jackpot4:17
CD2-1 Too Nice To Talk To3:07
CD2-2 Doors Of Your Heart3:46
CD2-3 All Out To Get You2:45
CD2-4 Monkey Murders3:09
CD2-5 I Am Your Flag2:53
CD2-6 French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud)3:28
CD2-7 Drowning3:52
CD2-8 Dream Home In NZ3:11
CD2-9 Walk Away3:11
CD2-10 Over And Over2:40
CD2-11 Cheated3:28
CD2-12 Get-A-Job3:10
CD2-13 The Limits We Set4:15
CD2-14 Psychedelic Rockers3:52
CD2-15 Hit It3:02
CD2-16 Which Side Of The Bed?4:11
Special Beat Service
CD3-1 I Confess4:30
CD3-2 Jeanette2:47
CD3-3 Sorry2:32
CD3-4 Sole Salvation3:05
CD3-5 Spar Wid Me4:30
CD3-6 Rotating Head3:24
CD3-7 Save It For Later3:33
CD3-8 She's Going2:09
CD3-9 Pato And Roger A Go Talk3:19
CD3-10 Sugar & Stress2:55
CD3-11 End Of The Party3:29
CD3-12 Ackee 1 2 33:11
CD3-13 What's Your Best Thing3:47
CD3-14 March Of The Swivel Heads3:31
CD3-15 Cool Entertainer3:32
CD3-16 A Go Talk (Tappy Luppy Dub)8:38
12" & Dub Versions
CD4-1 Hands Off... She's Mine (Extended)4:35
CD4-2 Twist & Crawl (Extended)5:00
CD4-3 Stand Down Margaret (Dub)3:32
CD4-4 Too Nice To Talk To (Dubweiser)4:58
CD4-5 Psychedelic Rockers (Dubweiser)5:30
CD4-6 Doors Of Your Heart (Extended)5:30
CD4-7 Drowning (Dub)5:13
CD4-8 Hit It (Extended)6:29
CD4-9 Which Side Of The Bed? (Extended)7:27
CD4-10 Save It For Later (Extended)4:53
CD4-11 What's Your Best Thing (Dub)3:49
CD4-12 Cool Entertainer (Extended)5:50
CD4-13 Jeanette (Extended)4:08
CD4-14 March Of The Swivel Heads (Extended)5:14
CD4-15 I Confess (Dave Allen Remix)5:45
Peel Session - November 5, 1979
CD5-1 Tears Of A Clown2:53
CD5-2 Ranking Full Stop3:02
CD5-3 Click Click1:30
CD5-4 Mirror In The Bathroom2:24
CD5-5 Big Shot1:53
Peel Session - September 22, 1980
CD5-6 Too Nice To Talk To4:10
CD5-7 Psychedelic Rockers4:19
CD5-8 Monkey Murders3:12
CD5-9 Walk Away3:13
Peel Session - March 29, 1982
CD5-10 Spar Wid Me3:47
CD5-11 End Of The Party3:01
CD5-12 She's Going2:06
CD5-13 Save It For Later3:09
CD5-14 Sole Salvation2:43
CD5-15 Pato And Roger A Go Talk4:03
Opera House, Boston - November 19, 1982
CD5-16 Best Friend2:59
CD5-17 Tears Of A Clown3:34
CD5-18 Twist & Crawl2:44
CD5-19 Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret6:45
The Best Of The English Beat At The US Festival - September 3, 1982
CD6-1 Twist & Crawl2:52
CD6-2 I Confess3:32
CD6-3 Doors Of You Heart4:17
CD6-4 Sugar & Stress3:12
CD6-5 Two Swords2:19
CD6-6 Hands Off... She's Mine2:43
CD6-7 Save It For Later3:49
CD6-8 Too Nice To Talk To3:39
CD6-9 Mirror In The Bathroom3:25
The Best Of The English Beat At The US Festival - May 28, 1983
CD6-10 Jeanette2:51
CD6-11 Spar Wid Me3:45
CD6-12 Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret6:36
CD6-13 Tears Of A Clown3:42
CD6-14 Ackee 1 2 32:53
CD6-15 Ranking Full Stop2:56
CD6-16 Jackpot5:53
Live! At The US Festival - September 3, 1982
DVD-1 Twist & Crawl
DVD-2 Doors Of Your Heart
DVD-3 I Confess
DVD-4 Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret
DVD-5 Sugar & Stress
DVD-6 Spar Wid Me
DVD-7 Two Swords
DVD-8 Hands Off... She's Mine
DVD-9 Save It For Later
DVD-10 Too Nice To Talk To
DVD-11 Mirror In The Bathroom
DVD-12 Jackpot
Live! At The US Festival - May 28, 1983
DVD-13 Mirror In The Bathroom
DVD-14 Doors Of Your Heart
DVD-15 Two Swords
DVD-16 Jeanette
DVD-17 I Confess
DVD-18 Too Nice To Talk To
DVD-19 Spar Wid Me
DVD-20 Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret
DVD-21 Tears Of A Clown
DVD-22 Acke 1 2 3
DVD-23 Twist & Crawl
DVD-24 Ranking Full Stop
DVD-25 Save It For Later
DVD-26 Jackpot

This version was limited to customers who preordered the box set directly from the Shout Factory web site. The difference between the standard box and this limited edition is the inclusion of a bonus CD and DVD of "The English Beat Live! at the US Festival" as well as a booklet signed by Dave Wakeling. These two items were shrinkwrapped to the box set.

CD1-5, CD1-8, CD2-1: Not On Original Release

CD2-14, CD2-15, CD2-16, CD3-13, CD3-14, CD3-15, CD3-16: Bonus Tracks

Box packaged with two identical 24-page color booklets (one signed by Dave Wakeling, one unsigned)

File download is hosted on Megaupload

Rated 4.5/5 based on 417 customer reviews

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